Episode Two: On The Border

Cool War - Dispatches from the Iron Curtain
Episode Two: On The Border

Watching. Waiting. The mystery of The East.


A Blackhorse Trooper on the border. Photo in the public domain from Wikipedia.


All music by Lobo Loco:
Creative Commons License (by-nc-nd)

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Outsite of the Battle

In Another World

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3 thoughts on “Episode Two: On The Border”

  1. Very interesting views of a contemporary wittness. Part of that mystery puzzle to understand a time of nuclear arms race between the east and west.
    Stay tuned! Lobo

      1. The stillness, darkness and fear were a major part of the border experience. We did our jobs on the “trace” but found it difficult to shake the feelings back in border camp, Phillip Lee for the Second Squadron.

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